Thursday, June 7, 2012

Drummer Girl - High School Identity Politics!

Drummer Girl by Karen Bass

Sidney, a shop-class-loving girl who plays drumkit, is surprised when she's at a party and a gay girl from her class, Joanne, wants to get together. She isn't upset about it, just surprised - she genuinely didn't know that was what people thought.

As the school's best drummer, Sid wants to get into its most popular band, but they have a whole raft of problems with her - starting with, once they learn she isn't gay, deciding that means she'll break up the band just by being a girl. Although she's allowed in and has the makeover they demand to make her 'girly', the band never really accepts her, and the makeover means suddenly she's meat market material. It seems girls get to be only 'gay' or 'slut'.

Sid's best friend Taylor - who hates the compromise she's made - is struggling with his own sexuality, and it all builds to a final, horrible crisis with the band...

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