Friday, June 29, 2012

High School Coach, Fired For Being Gay, Speaks Out

Check out this great interview with Mitch Stein by Kergan Edwards-Stout.  Mitch was an assistant coach of junior varsity water polo, and was fired after a parent (who'd never met him) complained about some facebook photos Mitch had posted that showed him hanging out with drag queens.

I love what Mitch's daughter (who goes to the school where he'd coached and then been fired for being gay) said to her dad when he asked if she wanted to change schools,

"Dad, I don't want to change schools. And besides, if we change schools, they win."
and then Mitch said,
"That's when it clicked in my head that we needed to fight this."

Wishing Mitch and his family good fortune with the suit (and with their newly adopted baby!) and hoping he'll be back coaching at the school next year!


ps - there's even a petition you can sign to tell the school to re-hire Mitch here!

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Martha Brockenbrough said...

Thanks for sharing this and the petition. What an outrage.