Monday, June 25, 2012

Highlighting Resources: A New Monday Summer Series! Our Kick-Off: Building an inclusive classroom and school library

On her blog, Pat Zietlow Miller interviews Abigail Swetz about the benefits of including GLBTQ books in middle school classrooms and collections, and Abigail speaks beautifully about it.

I like the challenge of making sure you're representing all the letters in LGBTQ as a starting point, and especially saw the truth of teens both needing to see a reflection of themselves and needing to read about others who are different from themselves.

It's inspiring, and makes me want to ask all my educator and librarian readers...

Are the books in your school doing enough for ALL your teens?


ps - Make sure you check out Pat's recommendations of YA books to the characters on GLEE, If I Were A "Glee" Librarian!  Clever, funny, and spot-on!

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