Monday, June 4, 2012

JC Penney's Gay Dad Ad for Father's Day... make that "Fathers' Day"

The ad features “real-life dads Todd Koch and Cooper Smith with their children, Claire and Mason," and reads:

First Pals: What makes Dad so cool? He’s the swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer and hug giver — all rolled into one. Or two.

Pretty awesome.

And even more laudable, since the company got a lot of flack (and a boycott called against them) for signing Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson back in February of 2012.

Back in 1997, after Ellen's character on her sitcom came out as a lesbian, JC Penney's did pull their advertising from the show in response to anti-gay-equality pressure.

It's great to see how things are changing for the better.


ps- I found out about this via LGBT Authors.


Hayden said...

Here's more good news, too. Remember Lady Gaga pulling her music from Target because of their support of an anti-gay PAC some time ago? They changed their tune, and they're now pulling a JC Penney with their new pride T-shirts, which Gwen Stefani designed for them. They're standing firm against anti-gay forces.

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Thanks Hayden - I didn't know about those, but I just ordered one for my 30 days of Pride T-shirt celebration!

Roof Beam Reader said...

They got a lot of blowback for their lesbian Mother's Day Ad, too... I'm loving JC Penney's these days. :)

Anonymous said...

You know how when businesses do the wrong thing, people are quick to complain and boycott?

Wouldn't it be great if, when companies do the right thing, people would do the opposite of a boycott? They could pick a day to go to the store and shop there to show their support, and spread the word. We could call it a "buy-in." It's so tiresome to fight defensively all the time ... what a pleasure to be able to take a positive step, to support progress.

ivanova said...

That family in the ad is very photogenic.

Jen Robinson said...

That's great. And I like Anonymous' idea about organized "buy-ins"