Friday, July 20, 2012

Gay Characters at ComicCon!

Check out this article in the Los Angeles Times about the new prominence (and acceptance) of gay comic book characters at the premiere comic conference in Southern California last weekend!

I loved learning that for the past 25 years they've been doing a Gays in Comics panel, one of the longest-running panels at the convention.

Joan Hilty, a former DC Comics editor, who was an early panelist and was on the Gays in Comics panel again this time, said,

“In the past, we struggled to fill three rows of seats,” she recalls. “Now it’s in one of those huge screening halls — and it’s standing-room only.”

So great to hear!


ps - thanks to my husband for the heads-up on this one!

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Jason Shew said...

Wow, this sounds like an awesome read.

Really loving all these new covers with the vector style art and contrasting colors.