Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Seasonal Velocities - Poems, Stories and Essays by Ryka Aoki

Seasonal Velocities by Ryka Aoki

With her characteristic honesty and a powerful, fierce grace, Ryka Aoki carries us through fear in the dark, the half-lives of scars, home, and hope. As vivid and unflinching as it is lyrical, this poetry delivers and demands sparkling truth even as it speaks of violence, longing and love. Rather than aiming to transcend, Aoki invites us to make alliance with all the contradictions of being human, to grow stories, to listen, and to build community despite everything.

I had the chance to talk to Ryka and find out more about her new collection of poems, stories and essays...

Thanks Ryka!

And I love this blurb of the book by S. Bear Bergman

"In the hands of Ryka Aoki, words can be everything - a tool, a fire, a gift, a weapon, a meal, a barricade, a refuge.  I was tempted to ration this book, so I'd have some when I needed it, but found myself gulping it down and was so nourished by it the whole way along."

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