Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sister Mischief - A Teen Lesbian Suburban Hip-Hopper Freaks Out Her Christian High School - and Falls In Love

Sister Mischief by Laura Goode

Listen up: You’re about to get rocked by the fiercest, baddest all-girl hip-hop crew in the Twin Cities - or at least in the wealthy, white, Bible-thumping suburb of Holyhill, Minnesota. Our heroine, Esme Rockett (aka MC Ferocious) is a Jewish lesbian lyricist. In her crew, Esme’s got her BFFs Marcy (aka DJ SheStorm, the butchest straight girl in town) and Tess (aka The ConTessa, the pretty, popular powerhouse of a vocalist). But Esme’s feelings for her co-MC, Rowie (MC Rohini), a beautiful, brilliant, beguiling desi chick, are bound to get complicated. And before they know it, the queer hip-hop revolution Esme and her girls have exploded in Holyhill is on the line. 

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ivanova said...

I loved this book! Truly original.

Rebecca @ Crunchings and Munchings said...

I really enjoyed this one—it's always great to see characters into rhymes and poetry, too. I reviewed Sister Mischief here: