Sunday, August 5, 2012

#LA12SCBWI - Day Three!

Here's my "Yeah!" list today:

The agents panel!

The picture book panel!

The Golden Kite Luncheon and Awards!  (The winners Ruta Sepetys, Candace Fleming, Kate Messner, Melissa Sweet, and Chris Rylander are amazing and I can't wait to hear them speak! (Those links are to interviews I did with each of them after they found out they'd won.)

The workshops!  (Today I'm going for inspiration...)

Gary Schmidt's closing keynote!

And the Autograph Party... I'm going to have so many new books to read!  (And lots of presents to get, too!)

And after the autograph party, in the hotel lobby bar, we'll have the next Kid Lit Drink Night Los Angeles - which should be a BLAST!

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Avi de Turenne said...

A wonderful conference that gave a lot of inspiration and recharged my batteries. Thanks to Lee and all the folks running things behind the scenes. I'll add one more big hit-- the Historical Fiction workshop with Tracy Barrett. She was amazing and I hope to see her again.