Saturday, August 4, 2012

#LA12SCBWI - Day Two!

Here's my list of things I'm fired up about today:

The editors panel!

Keynotes from Bryan Collier, Clare Vanderpool, Dewborah Underwood, Deborah Halverson and Ruta Sepetys (who won not only the Crystal Kite Members Choice Award for her amazing "Between Shades of Gray" but the Golden Kite Award for the young adult novel as well!)

The workshops  (I'm mixing up craft and marketing today!)

The Portfolio Showcase and Reception!

And the HIPPIE HOP! Poolside Gala... will I be wearing Tie Dye or Fringe?  You'll have to be there to see.  (I suppose there will be photographic evidence, too, for those playing along at home...)

Get tastes of the inspiration, business, craft and community at the Official Conference Blog and on the Twitter stream at (#LA12SCBWI).


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