Friday, September 21, 2012

Google Un-Bans "Bisexual" as a search term

Reported at Kevinism and Advocate (among other sites),

Google has taken "bisexual" off it's list of words it marked as only used to find pornography.

At the urging of bisexual advocacy organization BiNet USA, Google unblocked the term “bisexual,” and phrases such as “bisexual quotes,” “bisexual rights,” and “bisexual parenting” are now automatically suggested to Google users as of this month.

“It’s not every day one of the biggest companies in the world changes its mind, but we are thankful that Google now sees bisexual people just like everyone else,” said BiNet USA president Faith Cheltenham. “It will take time for bisexual search terms to be ranked as they were before the ban, but now bisexual people and their allies have a fighting chance to be seen, heard, and understood.”

It's a big step for Bi visibility, and it once again makes it clear that having the word "SEX" within terms like homoSEXual and biSEXual are, in our puritanical culture, making it seem like sex is all we're about.  Hence the idea that maybe we should be talking about love instead. 

HomoLOVEuals.  BiLOVEuals.

For now, Bisexual is still the accepted term - and how great that people can use it in their Google searches!



Anonymous said...

I didn't even know they had such a list, or how one would know what words are on it. If the mere word "sex" was a trigger, then does that mean that a search on "asexual" was viewed as porn-inducing, LOL?

I wonder if the abbreviation "GLBT" is on their dirty list. How about a search for the book title "The Second Sex?"

Beth Stilborn said...

This is such good news. You are so right that we need to have an overhaul of the language (and of society's thinking...)