Monday, September 3, 2012

Michael Levine was at the Stonewall Bar the night the Rebellion began

Part of the incredible Unheard Voices project,

Check out this two and a half minute MP3 interview with Michael Levine, a gay man who came out in the 1960s and was at the Stonewall bar the Friday night the famous Stonewall Rebellion began.

There's also an accompanying Teacher Guide (with an introduction to the audio interview, discussion questions, suggested activities and assignments and student handout.)

“When we came back on Saturday night,” describes Michael of returning to the Stonewall Bar with his boyfriend after the first night of the Irish police and Puerto Rican Drag Queen confrontation, “we stood there on the street and held hands and kissed – something we would never have done three days earlier. It made me feel wonderful."

With California's passage of the FAIR Education Act, GLSEN's Unheard Voices is an important resource for middle and high schools to tell (and discuss and learn about) our untold LGBTQ history.

Unheard Voices is a joint project of GLSEN, The Anti-Defamation League, and StoryCorps.

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