Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Flight of the Silver Vixen - An All-Girl Swashbuckling Sci Fi Adventure

Flight of the Silver Vixen
by Annalinde Matichei

A gang of seven teenage hoverbikers.

They're all girls, which is not unusual because there are only females on their planet – or rather feminine beings of two sexes: melini (“brunette”) and chelani (“blonde”).

Rather than steal a car to joy-ride, they steal an experimental space-craft.  And when they're about to be caught by the Navy, they enter a space-warp, leading them to an unknown galaxy.

The teen girls are crazy and irresponsible at first, but the very danger into which their recklessness leads them forces them to learn responsibility, loyalty, and a courage that is not just bravado.

The author plays a prominent role in the small press that published this book.  Add your review of "The Flight of the Silver Vixen" in comments!

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