Monday, November 26, 2012

Do You Know All About Internet Flitering and Online Censorship of LGBT Info in school / public libraries and children's / YA Computer Labs?

If so, here's a great opportunity to share that knowledge...

Via fabulous YA author Holly Thompson comes word of this call for an expert to write a chapter on censorship for a new book, Queers Online:

Rachel Wexelbaum, a librarian at St. Cloud State University, is putting together a book about Queers Online, and she's looking for a chapter on censorship. From her email:

"If you know someone who could write a chapter about Internet filtering and online censorship of LGBT information in school libraries/public children's/YA computer labs, please let me know…"

You can contact Rachel at rswexelbaum (at) stcloudstate (dot) edu

Here's more about the project

Note: The deadline for final manuscripts has shifted from January to June.


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