Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Unafraid: Book 3 in the teen gay vampire series!

Unafraid by Michael Griffo

At Archangel Academy, Michael Howard has found new friends, new love, and a place that feels more like home than Nebraska ever did. But the most unexpected gift the school has given him is immortality.
When Michael Howard left his small Nebraska hometown to enroll at Archangel Academy, he couldn’t have imagined how much the experience would change him. Once mortal, Michael is now a vampire with a destiny that was foretold long ago, and a group of friends with their own mysterious abilities.

But there are enemies too, some of them hiding in plain sight. Being strong enough to defend himself isn’t enough. Michael must find a way to protect his entire race of vampires. Dark forces within the school will drive everyone to take sides in the escalating violence. And despite his powers, Michael will discover that love, jealousy, and vengeance have a danger all their own…

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