Thursday, December 20, 2012

Briar Rose - A Young Woman Discovers Her Grandmother's Holocaust Survival Story (And A Gay Partisan Fighter Holds The Key)

Briar Rose by Jane Yolen

Rebecca's grandmother Gemma always told her the fairy tale story of Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty), while at the same time not saying anything of her own history.  All the family knows is that Gemma escaped Europe just before World War Two.  On her death bed, Gemma reveals that she is the princess in the fairy tale, and makes Rebecca promise to find out the truth of her story.

Rebecca discovers among her grandmother's papers proof that she came to the United States during the war, not after.  A young journalist, Rebecca ends up following the trail of clues all the way to Poland, where she meets Josef, now elderly, who holds the key that will unlock Rebecca's grandmother's true history of surviving the Holocaust... the story of Briar Rose.

Haunting and important, weaving the Holocaust in with a famous fairy tale, history, romance, and a gay hero among others, I read this remarkable book in one sitting.  

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ChristasBooks said...

This sounds like an incredibly powerful read and I have no idea it featured a gay character. Thanks for putting it on my radar!