Friday, December 21, 2012

Celebrate a gender queer Christmas! And Hannukah! And Kwanzaa! And New Year's!

This is just awesome. Enjoy,

Have a great New Year's and Holiday season!

I'll be taking a two-week break, but there's LOTS of posts to read from 2012!

Here's some really great thought-provoking ones to start with:

Gay Rights are Human Rights, and Human Rights are Gay Rights - Secretary of State Clinton's address to the United Nations

What would YOU do if you came upon a Swastika graffiti?

A Gay Valentine's Day Present for you

Joy Nash's FAT RANT, and how we need to stand up for Fat people

US Marines Gay Homecoming Kiss

Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen's music video will make you smile

Queer characters in dystopian YA

I'm Christian, unless you're gay

President Obama finally evolves on Gay Marriage

PFLAG Mom Marsha Aizumi is changing the world "One heart at a time."

The Starfish Story

Dan Savage on the Hypocrisy of using the Bible as a justification for anti-gay bullying and Dan Savage debates Brian Brown on Gay Marriage

Sally Ride, the USA's first female astronaut in space, is our first lesbian astronaut, too.  Only she never came out while she was alive.

"I Am A HomoLOVEual!"

Must-See Video for ALL Girls and Women (Everybody, actually!) and A 14-year old changes the beauty industry

30 days of PRIDE year two: Knit, Pearl, and Pride

A commercial worth 1,000 words

The Unheard Voices Project - GLSEN, The Anti-Defamation League and Story Corps offer an incredible LGBTQ history resource!

Casual homophobia on twitter

Arizona Principal punishes high school boys for fighting... by making them HOLD HANDS

Give Us Gay Marriage or Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends

The Fearless Projects by Jeff Sheng - celebrating LGBT High School and College Athletes!

You can also browse, in the left hand column of this blog:

The more than 160 books with gay teen characters and themes

The over 90 books with lesbian teen characters and themes

And the books with teen bi, trans and gender non-conforming characters, the GLBTQ graphic novels, and so many more... After all, the holidays are a wonderful opportunity to do some reading!

Enjoy, and I'll be back blogging January 7, 2013!

Namaste and Happy Holidays,

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ivanova said...

Channukah is way over, but the sentiment is appreciated! Enjoy your well-deserved rest from blogging. Thanks for all you do!