Thursday, January 17, 2013

But She Is My Student - A Lesbian Love Affair Between An 18-Year Old Student and her 21-Year Old Teacher

"But She Is My Student" by Kiki Archer

Miss Katherine Spicer started her first day at Coldfield Comprehensive, confident, enthusiastic and very well qualified; that was until she met the eyes of the student sat hidden in the corner of her classroom. Kat's final weekend of freedom was about to turn her life upside down and threaten everything she had been working for; how was she to know those mesmerising green eyes would reappear here? 

"Instigations" by Kiki Archer

In this sequel, Miss Katherine Spicer, a well respected history teacher from Coldfield Comprehensive is now in a committed relationship with her ex-student Freya.   She feels she has it all: A thriving career, a wonderful girlfriend, and a fun-filled apartment shared with her very best friends. Previous insecurities are gently fading away and for the first time ever, she feels truly loved...

But will a chain of events, triggered by the deliberate and intentional actions of Freya’s new university acquaintance, see the downfall of their relationship? Has Kat got the strength to believe when Freya’s desire to stay strong is questioned?

These books are self-published by the author, whose work has reached #1 in Lesbian fiction on,, smashwords and lulu.  

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This one has been getting decent reviews on Amazon.