Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Megume And The Trees - A Teen Lesbian Debut Novel

Megume And The Trees by Sarah Toshiko Hasu

Fifteen-year old Megume wakes to find herself in the woods, with no idea of how she got there beyond a murky memory of chasing her lost dog, Sasurai.  But with the pain of her past and her family fragmented after the death of her mother, Megume finds that she doesn’t really mind being lost.

Yet strange encounters with others in the woods - including Kat, a woman who seems stuck in the moment Pearl Harbor was bombed - and incidents that feel right out of fairytales and Japanese stories she heard as a child, combined with her own vivid dreams, leave Megume to sort out the difference between her own mind and reality, all while trying to navigate her way out of this deceptive forest.

When Megume falls in love with Kat, she realizes how dangerous it is to remain willfully lost.

This book was named a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Debut Fiction.   The author started her own publishing company and hopes to publish more LGBT titles by other authors as well.  

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Elizabeth S. said...

Megume is an amazing and thoughtful read! Its size is definitely deceptive; this is an emotionally weighty piece for a thin book, but you don't easily forget the images it provides.

I'm so glad I read it. The author is definitely one of my heroes for being able to tell such a beautiful, painful story, as well as running her own business to bring it to the world.