Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Donorboy: A Novel - A teen had two moms who died and now she's going to live with the sperm donor who gave her half her DNA (and nothing else!)

Donorboy: A Novel by Brendan Halpin
It's a story told entirely through e-mail, instant messaging, journal entries, and other random communications...

Rosalind had two mommies. Now, thanks to a tragic accident involving foodstuffs, she has none. And Sean, the sperm donor responsible for half her DNA (and nothing else), is taking custody. Rosalind finds herself adjusting to a new life that seems both hateful and surreal–she’s an orphan with a new father, surrounded by friends she is beginning to despise and well-meaning adults who succeed only in annoying her.

Sean made a donation fifteen years ago, and his life since has not gone according to plan. Thirty-five, single, and still grieving the loss of his own mother twenty-seven years ago, he decides to take on the overwhelming task of caring for an unhappy teenager he doesn’t know.

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