Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In Her Skin - A Transgender Teen Novel

In Her Skin by Trina Sotira

Tirzah would do anything to cover up her girl body: duct taping her chest, dressing like a guy at the skate park, even changing her name. But two things are holding her back from transitioning into an all-male body: her best friend Heidi and a full-ride soccer scholarship. And when Heidi's family disapproves of Tirzah's transition into Troy, Heidi disappears.

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Elizabeth Sweeny said...

I'm uncomfortable that this excerpt refers to the protagonist as "she" given that said excerpt implies that Tirzah identifies as male :/

Trina Sotira said...

Hi, Elizabeth. I answered you on Goodreads, as well. Thank you for your comment. Yes, the title uses "her" which addresses how trapped Troy feels in Tirzah's (female) skin. Because Troy does not decide to transition until mid-book, the pronominal reliance on "she" carries until "he" finally emerges. Tirzah experiments with gender roles in the beginning until she experiences a pivotal moment, in which she finally decides to live as a guy.

And Lee, thank you for supporting the story. I am honored. We have a new cover (circa mid-Feb) which is quite beautiful. :)