Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Love Sisters - A Lesbian Teen Manga Love Story

First Love Sisters' art was drawn by Mizuo Shinonome, the concept created by Mako Komao, and the design done by Reine Hibiki.

First Love Sisters is a gentle love story set at the prestigious Tsunokamizaka Girl’s Academy. From the moment they meet, sweet and enthusiastic Chika Matsuzato falls for beautiful and mysterious upperclasswoman Haruna Kizaki. Secrets and insecurities quickly arise to keep them apart, but Chika remains hopeful as she dreams of growing closer to her first love.

This manga is uplifting and adorable. It explores various relationships between women - sisterhood, friendship, rivalry, and romance - by revealing the depth of quiet moments in daily life. Chika is endearing and relatable. She courageously faces her fears about seeming childish and unlovable as she pursues Haruna. A notable element of this manga is that, at least in the first volume, the story isn’t about issues surrounding the discernment or revelation of one’s sexual identity. It is a pure story about two people fighting through their brokenness to find each other. It’s about love, plain and simple.

The series is composed of three volumes. The remaining two volumes have not been officially released in English. (Who wants to start a letter-writing campaign?) Fear not, for the first volume closes in a satisfying way.

I do not understand why the publisher suggests this manga for readers sixteen and up. So far, the characters do nothing more physical than holding hands and kissing. Honestly, when I have children, I plan on reading this manga to them as a bedtime story.

Review by Aaron Walsh. Add your review of "First Love Sisters" in comments!

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