Thursday, March 14, 2013

UnEarthed and UnEarthly - Two Sci Fi Teen Lesbian Adventure Novels

UnEarthed by Rebecca Bloomer

If you’re going to colonise a planet, you’d better be willing to fight for it.
Within Anphobos, there grows a new race.  The first generation of humans never to set foot on Earth.  They are pale skinned, large eyed and worship no god but science.  They possess technological skills and processes Earth has refused to acknowledge.  Until now…
“We are Martian. Your religion isn’t ours. Our god is Mars. Our religion is science. Anything we do in the service of Mars, is good. Make no mistake, Earth girl, we are both right and good.”
Fresh off Earth, Jodi Scarfield doesn’t really care for Mars or its politics. Still, accusations of treason will get a girl’s attention...

UnEarthly by Rebecca Bloomer

Jodi and Astrid discover more about Mars as a planet and themselves as people on it.  The Fearless have triumphed. Astrid and Jodi survive unincarcerated and gainfully employed. Most have forgotten that Jodi was once 'Scar' or what that meant. Life on Mars is in danger of becoming routine. Then noobs arrive, a tunnel collapses, Astrid becomes a walking fossil and everyone discovers the real meaning of life on Mars.

What's queer about these books? The author writes "When my sci-fi books began, I didn't know my girls were lesbians. I didn't realise until I kept throwing them at the new male characters and they simply refused to show any interest! As such, my girls' sexuality evolved as naturally it might have in reality."

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