Monday, April 22, 2013

A New Book Shelf: Stereotype Smashers! Nerds & Jocks in "Game Changer" by Margaret Peterson Haddix

I'm excited to launch this new bookshelf today, with a guest review by my friend and blogging elementary school librarian Yapha Mason

Game Changer by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Grades 5-9

KT is an average student, but an amazing softball player. Although she is only in eighth grade, she is already working towards a softball scholarship in order to go to college. During a freak accident in a championship game, she blacks out. When she wakes up, it is to a world turned upside down. In this new world, sports take place during the school day — these are the regular classes. After school sports are now “Acs,” or academic competition. The mathletes are now the school heroes, and the former jocks get straight A’s but are regarded as the teachers’ pets and “nerds.” KT has the hardest time making sense of this world, where all of her softball trophies are replaced by her brother’s math trophies. Her parents are embarrassed by her need to exercise and beg her not to jog to school. They even want her to drop her nickname. KT slowly puts the pieces together, figuring out how this world works. Next, though, comes the challenge of trying to return to her own world. Another winning fantasy story from Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Check out Yapha's bookapalooza blog, and add your review of "Game Changer" in comments!

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