Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Debris Dreams - A Lesbian Teen Sci Fi Adventure (With A Main Character Who's A Person Of Color!)

Debris Dreams by David Colby

1.5 million kilometers above the surface of the Earth

Drusilla Xao has only seen a tree in movies and vid-games. She has never breathed air that wasn’t recycled, re-filtered, and re-used a hundred times over again. She has never set foot on the Earth.

And now she never will.

When a terrorist attack by a radical separatist group on Luna destroys the space elevator that had called so many – including her parents – to live permanently in space, Dru is cut off from any hope of ever reaching Earth and her beloved girlfriend, Sarah. The Chinese-American Alliance declares immediate war on the rebels and conscripts everyone they can get their hands on…including Dru.

Cast adrift, forced to become a soldier, trapped in a nightmare of vacuum and loneliness, Dru’s training will help her survive, but only Sarah will be able to bring her home.

You can check out the book's website here that shows Twitter feeds for two of the main characters, plus some of the news organizations that cover the war in space that the novel revolves around. 

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