Monday, April 1, 2013

Domicilium - A Poem by Gay Poet Steven Reigns Is Set To Music and Performed by the One Voice Charlotte Choir

Let's start off this month's USA celebration of poetry with our own celebration of LGBTQ poetry!

Here is the poem they're singing...

by Steven Reigns

We’ve been building a table
instead of waiting
for an invitation
to eat at yours.

We’ve been loving
and committing
and creating ceremonies
without needing your permission.

We’ve been talking
without raising our hand to speak.

We’ve been writing
not needing your ink

We’ve been singing
asking for no notes.

We’re building,
not a fortress
but a home.
Where we can be who we are,
love who we love,
and invite you in for a meal.

Steven writes...

The original title for this poem was Domicile. It’s one of the most anthemic poems I’ve ever written. I believe in legal gay marriage but I also believe in gay people not waiting for permission to live the lives we want to live. In this poem, I wanted to dignify all of the glbtq people who have built a community and home for themselves when most forces were saying they couldn’t. It was a great honor to have this poem put to music and performed.

Thanks, Steven!

You can find out more about Steven at his website here.

And to all, no matter where you are in the world, Happy Poetry Month!


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BeachDaddyDave said...

Dear Steven:
Thank you for that beautiful work. As always, you speak to me, and it was nice to be so boldly addressed!
Dave Russo