Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Fall - A Gay College Athlete Comes Out and Comes of Age

The Fall by Ryan Quinn

The new school year at Florence University, nestled in the Pennsylvania countryside, dawns bright with the possibilities that only a fresh start can bring. For three students in particular, it will be a year unlike any other, one that will alter the courses of their lives forever. There is Ian, the film buff trying to figure out his life—and how to catch the eye of the football player he can’t stop fantasizing about; Casey, the local football star whose future off the field is frustratingly uncertain; and Haile, the classical-music prodigy seeking refuge from a past life so that she may start anew as a singer-songwriter. Together the trio will form a fateful friendship, told through alternating first-person narratives.

This book was originally self-published and then picked up by the new traditional publisher Amazon Encore.  Add your review of "The Fall" in comments!

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