Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Life of Experience - A Gay Teen Grows Up

A Life Of Experience by Alan Phillips

Abused by his father, Michael Parker leaves home at sixteen and becomes embroiled in the gay prostitution scene on the streets of London. From there he then finds himself involved in gay pornography and is quite successful and in demand. Wishing to get away from that world, he manages to escape and become a male model. His good looks and natural ability in front of a camera lead him into television as a legitimate actor but at the pinnacle of his career his early life is exposed in the press and he confronts his nemesis with disastrous consequences. Ten years after winning a BAFTA award for best newcomer Michael has to start rebuilding his life all over again.

This book was published through a subsidy publisher.  My thanks to Lis for letting me know about "A Life Of Experiene."  Add your review in comments!

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JuanPcastiblanco said...

It's out of stock in Amazon, but it seems like it is a great story, and I just added it to my summer reading list. I will bookmark and keep track of when it is in stock again :/