Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bonus Saturday Post: "Why My Son Still Won't Join The Boy Scouts" - An Excellent Article In The Atlantic by Kathy Zonana

I loved this article.

It said it so eloquently, as kids' actions often do.

Character.  Something Kathy's son has in abundance.  And something the Boy Scout still need to learn.

ps - and if you want to read more about why the no-gay adult rule is so terrible - in large part because it reinforces the stereotype that LGBTQ adults are dangerous to children - read this piece by Michelangelo Signorile at Huffington Post, The Boy Scouts: Demonizing Gay Men, Empowering Bashers on the Streets


Book Dragon said...

haven't read the article, but attaining the rack of Eagle should mean something, my husband didn't bother with the project because a lazy leader let him slide on some of the harder merit badges. Really, the whole thing is too much like an Old Boys Club and often that isn't a good thing.

Males who are MEN do not hurt children, no matter what their orientation is. Too often it is an older boy or a straight "nice, quiet" man who does the damage.

Our children should be protected!

as for Boy Scouts? Too little, too late with a double standard.

Kelly Robinson said...

That was a great story. I think it's notable that the kid was sad about it -- he really wanted to join Scouts, but even with the choice left up to him, he did what he thought was right, rather than what he thought would be fun. Now THAT'S character.