Monday, May 20, 2013

Letters From The Closet - A Girl's Memoir About Her Relationship With Her Gay Teacher

Letters From the Closet
by Amy Hollingsworth

It was an improbable relationship from the start—a high school English teacher, still in the closet, and his best student. From the confines—and protection—of his closet, Amy’s teacher wrote these letters, letters that were read, cherished, answered, and then locked away for years.

Now Amy looks back at the decade of intimate letters that preceded her teacher’s untimely death, collects the shards left by their clumsy, sometimes violent attempts to unmask each other, and counts again the cost of knowing and being known. 

Recommended for older teens.  Add your review of "Letters From The Closet" in comments!

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Amy Hollingsworth said...

Thank you, Lee, for featuring my book!