Thursday, June 13, 2013

Impossibly Glamorous: A Memoir of "How A Misfit From Kansas Became An Asian Sensation"

Impossibly Glamorous: How A Misfit From Kansas Became An Asian Sensation by Charles Ayres

Love the book's tagline: “You can be flat on your ass, but still be a winner.”

Charles Ayres heard plenty of Wizard of Oz jokes growing up in Kansas. After finding himself on some seedy dance floors of Kansas City, his quest for love and glamour − and his penchant for all things Japanese − carried Charles from Dorothy’s homeland to New York to Tokyo.

Impossibly Glamorous follows his exploits with Goth raver lesbians, hot men, and not-so-hot men, culminating in a long term love affair with Japan. His journey from ugly baby to Asian media personality touches on tough issues such as coming out gay in Kansas, domestic violence, substance abuse, and how to bounce back from any kind of adversity with only a faux fur coat and a cavalier skip.

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