Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Give to You: A Manga Wherein Two Lost Souls Learn to Love Again

I Give to You by Maki Ebishi

I Give to You begins with Iinuma wandering alone along the rainy streets of Tokyo. Betrayed by his lover and abandoned by his friends and family, he stumbles upon a quiet tea shop run by the mysterious Ren Shirakawa and receives a hot drink, a job, and a place to stay. Over time, Iinuma and Ren build trust and intimacy as they discover the other's painful secrets and impossible dreams. In the end, they must decide if they have the faith and strength to face the future together, side by side.

This manga is moving, romantic, and thought-provoking. Iinuma and Ren are authentic, complicated characters with subtle emotions and layered motivations. Running throughout the story is the search for redemption as the two men face their shame and open themselves to love.

I Give To You is complete in one volume and includes sexual scenes that are key to the development of the story. I would have felt comfortable reading this manga when I was sixteen-years-old.

Review by Aaron Walsh.  Add your review of "I Give To You" in comments!

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