Monday, July 8, 2013

I Used To Think I'd Make A Good Boy - a short form memoir about growing up Gender Queer

I Used To Think I'd Make A Good Boy by Carol Little

Growing up in Summerside PEI wasn’t easy for author Carol Little. In fact, it was hell. Constant bullying over her boyish looks and the fact that she wasn’t ‘girly’ enough made her teen years almost unbearable. Once she started to question her sexuality, realizing she liked girls more than boys, life was near impossible.

Straightforward and unflinchingly honest, I Used to Think I’d Make a Good Boy takes readers back to Little’s childhood and adolescence, a time when she was trying to find her identity amid bullies and bigots and those who just didn’t get a girl who thought she'd make a good boy.

Partial proceeds will go toward AIDS PEI.  Add your review of "I Used To Think I'd Make A Good Boy" in comments!

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