Monday, July 1, 2013

Not All Trans People Feel "Trapped" In the Wrong Body

This article on BuzzFeed by Thomas Page McBee, Not All Trans People Feel "Trapped In the Wrong Body," is really interesting because it challenges the single narrative given to us in our culture that trans people have been "born in the wrong body" - there are many other experiences of gender, and of being trans, out there.

I particularly liked Thomas' description of their own experience,

I grew, over time, to be the man I am; and though I’ve felt the panic of dysphoria, I mostly had the sense of evolving. I didn’t feel trapped, exactly — only a sense of becoming.

Offering a calm counter-point to the sensationalism of most trans stories that reach the media is the point.   As Thomas says,

The sensational portrayals dehumanize trans folks by making us strange. If I’ve learned anything by living in this body, it’s that when anyone’s dehumanized, we all are.
Wise words.

It's well worth reading, and my thanks to Benji for sharing it with me, so I could share it with all of you.


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Love this! Thanks for posting, Lee!