Thursday, July 11, 2013

Positive - a young woman and her bi boyfriend learn she's HIV positive, and he's not.

Positive is an English translation of Belgian cartoonist Tom Bouden's "graphic novelette" Positive.

The story frankly, tenderly, and humorously follows Sarah as she learns of her HIV infection, deals with doctors and medications (and scatological side-effects), tackles the issue of sex with her HIV-negative partner, and makes her way from terror and uncertainty to hope for the future.

"Positive is a story with the universal message of how to live life without being afraid," writes's Joe Palmer in the introduction to the book. "This is the story I wish I’d been able to read after my diagnosis years ago. It is the story I hope everyone regardless of his or her sero-status will have the opportunity to read and by which to be inspired."

Be aware this title includes images of Sarah and Tim being intimate.  It also touched my heart.  Add your review of "Positive" in comments!

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