Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Caged Miko and the Whimsical Witch: A Manga of Magical Lesbian Romance

The Caged Miko and the Whimsical Witch by Fujieda Miyabi

At the beginning of The Caged Miko and the Whimsical Witch, world-traveling sorceress Letty Beetolihi discovers the temple where beautiful shrine priestess Tsumugi Tokigami is bound by a mystical barrier. The young woman has accepted her fateful duty to spend her life behind temple walls while awaiting the day her nation might need her power. Refusing to accept this state of affairs, Letty destroys the barrier and challenges Tsumugi to choose her own destiny. The two escape and set off on a journey to explore the globe together.

This is a beautiful story about the liberating power of love. Letty and Tsumugi consistently live out the values of genuine respect, open communication, and selflessly choosing the higher good for the other person. The story builds around compelling drama while also revealing the romance and joy that live in the quiet moments of daily life.

This manga is complete in one volume and relateable to people of all ages. I would feel comfortable reading it to my kids as a bedtime story or to my boyfriend on a cuddly couch date.

The Caged Miko and the Whimsical Witch is out of print and I had to track it down second hand. It is available to read online at this website

Review by Aaron Walsh.  Add your review of "The Caged Mike and the Whimsical Witch" in comments!

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