Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Day I Became A Butterfly: Dreamy Queer Manga Love Stories

The Day I Became a Butterfly by Sumomo Yumeka

The Day I Became a Butterfly is a powerful collection of queer love stories containing unforgettable gay, trans, and bi characters. The title story builds around themes of mortality and rebirth as the seriously ill transwoman Uka finds peace in the gruff honesty and surprising gentleness of her beloved, Mimi. Other stories reveal characters seeking healing through art, forgiveness, and love for one another.

This book has a unique and undeniable voice. I hesitate to give too many plot descriptions because while the stories are rooted in the real world, they hold a whimsical and romantic spirit that makes the manga read more like poetry than prose. Suffice it to say that the various stories delve into themes of claiming one’s own identity, power, and freedom, overcoming fear, and embracing intimacy without losing one’s inner strength.

This manga is complete in one volume.  Some stories include sexual scenes between characters who genuinely love each other. I would have felt comfortable reading this book when I was sixteen-years-old.

Review by Aaron Walsh.  Add your review of "The Day I Became A Butterfly" in comments!

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