Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Intern Aaron's LGBTQ Teen Manga Review Wrap-Up

Our Amazing Intern Aaron

Read on, Manga Fans!!!

Hey there! I can’t believe my internship with the coolest blog ever has come to an end! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read what I had to say, and thank you to Lee for sharing this incredible space with me. It was a blast!

I firmly believe that stories have the power to change lives. The manga series I read are full of moments that I’ll never forget- Haruna taking Chika to her quiet place by the lake in First Love Sisters; Subaru holding Seichiro on the Rainbow Bridge in X/1999; Letty breaking the mystical bonds that chain Tsumugi to her temple prison in The Caged Miko and the Whimsical Witch; Nakagama and Yokota holding each other in their first apartment in Same Cell Organism, praying their bond will last forever… These memories are a part of me and fill me with romantic fervor as I embark on new journeys in life. They remind me that healthy relationships are rooted in respect, compassion, and mutual-sacrifice; that people need to accept themselves honestly before they can fully embrace others; and that love is beautiful and precious and worth fighting for, no matter what.

Have fun exploring love in manga, literature, and the real world. From what I can tell, that’s what life is all about.



Here are the 20 manga titles Aaron reviewed:

Tokyo Babylon - A Gay Teen Supernatural Manga

First Love Sisters - A Lesbian Teen Manga Love Story

Ranma 1/2 - An Action-Romance-Fighting Manga that Plays With Gender

Voiceful - Two Teen Girls Overcome Tragedy and Find Love... With Each Other

Silver Diamond - A Fantasy-Action Manga With A Gay Romance

Cardcaptor Sakura - A Lady Hero Manga with Lots of Rainbow Love

The Cain Saga and Godchild - Gothic Mystery Mangas with a Misery-Laden Gay Love Affair

Hero Heel - A Raw Exploration of Desperation, Objectifying Others, and Losing Oneself

Maiden Rose - An Unsettling Study of Power, War and Sexual Assault

Rin! - A Gay Romance on the High School Archery Team

X/1999 - Hope that the World is Still Worth Saving, and that (Queer) Love Will Save It

Off Beat - A Manga in Which a Boy Genius Spies on The Dark-Eyed Boy Next Door

Same Cell Organism - Heartwarming Gay and Trans Manga Love Stories

Meeting You - Manga Stories of Gay Passion

Girl Friends - The Manga Story of a Friendship That Blossoms Into True Love

I Give To You - A Manga Wherein Two Lost Souls Learn To Love Again

The Caged Miko and the Whimsical Witch - A Manga of Magical Lesbian Romance

The Day I Became A Butterfly - Dreamy Queer Manga  Love Stories

Stop Bullying Me! - A Manga Where A Boy Falls for His Brother's (Not-So-Nice) Best Friend

Sailor Moon - A Manga Where Teenage Superheroes (Some of them Queer) Fight To Save Our World!

If you're just meeting our latest intern Aaron Walsh for the first time, you can go here to read his "Hello" post, from back in March.

Thank you for all the wonderful reviews, Aaron!

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Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks to Aaron for the awesome reviews of so many manga titles. Not only did some of them take me back and got me waxing nostalgic for the good old days when I first discovered gay-themed fiction (text and graphic novels), but I've also discovered new ones I'd like to sample. Good luck!