Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm On The Radio! "KID LIT with Lisa Loeb" Debuts

It's official!

The project I've been working on for months is ready for the airwaves, and this half-hour radio program about children's and teen literature will now begin playing on public radio stations around the USA!

Me and Lisa Loeb, in the recording studio

Here's the scoop:
KID LIT with Lisa Loeb is a half hour program for public radio celebrating the best in children’s literature.

Hosted by Grammy®-nominated singer, songwriter, and children’s book author Lisa Loeb, KID LIT is produced by Peabody award-winner Ben Manilla with contributions from Harvard educated children’s literature blogger, Lee Wind, M.Ed.

Did you catch that?  That's ME!
Okay, back to the program description:

Developed by On the Strip Radio Network, KID LIT with Lisa Loeb is a bi-monthly program for adults with kids or teens in their lives. Covering book titles across genres and age groups (from birth to 18), episodes are structured around three author/illustrator interviews (each approximately six minutes in length) that give us the story behind the story. Some interviews include author-read book excerpts and each episode’s interviews share a specific show theme, genre, age group, or book type.

In between the featured interviews, short interstitials highlight topics such as the latest technology for kids books, reader/bookseller/librarian book recommendations, best sellers lists, award winners, or publishing industry news.

Every episode also features a Diversity Spotlight and Lisa’s Pick of the Week to round out an entertaining, informative and inspiring half hour exploring the world of children’s and teen literature.

Our first episode is available right now to download or listen to at our website!

I'm excited that our host is the warm and wonderful Lisa Loeb and I'm so proud to be working with my fellow producer and writer on the show, the brilliant Ben Manilla.

And I'm honored to be the children's literature expert on the show!  Thanks to Phil Alexander and Marinthia Thomas at On the Strip Radio Network for believing in me!

In this first epsiode, THE Y.A. EXPLOSION, I interview Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon about their re-imagining of the Brigadoon story as the new fantasy/romance/adventure novel DOON, and I shine the Diversity Spotlight on Shaun Tan's remarkable (and wordless) graphic novel, THE ARRIVAL. We even go to my favorite local children's bookstore, Children's Book World in Los Angeles, to hear about some of their favorite books!

There's so much more good stuff in the show -- I can't wait for you (and everyone else) to hear it!

So check out KID LIT with Lisa Loeb, and hopefully, for those of you in the USA, it will be playing on a public radio station near you soon.

Happy to share my good news with you all,

Look! Lisa (and the rest of the KID LIT team) are already working on episode two!


Greg Pincus said...

This looks/sounds great, Lee! Congratulations, and can't wait to hear it on the air.

Terry Lim Diefenbach said...

Congrats!! What a wonderful way to expose our interests and directions. All the best to you, Lisa, and all of us . . .

Sarah Stevenson said...

Lee, this is so awesome!! Congratulations. I'm always so impressed by you and your activities and this really is the coolest. :) I wish you the best of luck on this latest project.