Thursday, September 12, 2013

In Stone: A Grotesque Faerie Tale - A Gay Teen Is Attacked, Then Recused by A Magical Creature: A Gargoyle

In Stone: A Grotesque Faerie Tale by Jeremy Jordan King

Jeremy is stuck, like most young New Yorkers, in a world between adolescence and adulthood. Just when he thought that he was an average, blend-in-with-the-crowd gay kid, he becomes the victim of a terrible act of homophobia. Thankfully, a mysterious something comes to his aid. Garth is a gargoyle, trapped in stone and cursed to live an immortal life. Human and monster must become friends and confront the mysterious and magical events of the past that have brought them together.

This is book one of the author's Immortal Testimonies series. Add your review of "In Stone: A Grotesque Faerie Tale" in comments!


ivanova said...

This book is totally awesome! Highly recommended. Love the blend of supernatural and realism.

Maria S. said...

This book blends supernatural beings, dream landscapes, and the modern world in a way I haven't read before. The gargoyle has a great backstory and it's just fascinating how it is portrayed. While the main characters are queer, the book is not really about being queer, but about being human, getting into dangerous situations (and out of them), and dealing with supernatural experiences. It's a quick read and I'd definitely recommend it.