Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lesbians 101 - A Wonderful Comic Series That Answers Some Basic (And Important) Questions

Lesbians 101 by A. Stiffler & K. Copeland

I think this comic series on lesbians is wonderful - with honest and non-judgmental answers to questions the author and illustrator have been asked.

Lesson 1 is "Why Do All Lesbians Look The Same?"

Lesson 2 is "Which One Is the 'Man' In The Relationship?"

Lesson 3 is "Do Lesbians Have Sex? How?" (Be aware this lesson includes images of erotic items, but the comic is not itself erotic.)

Lesson 4 is "Why Do Lesbians Hate Men?"

Lesson 5 is "What is 'Lesbian Bed Death' and Why Do Lesbians Get It?"

Lesson 6 is "Isn't Lesbianism Just a Phase?"

Lesson 7 is "Who Is A Lesbian, Really?"
Here's what Lesson 1 looks like:

The comics are free and available at the creators' wesbite here.  Add your review of "Lesbians 101" in comments!

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annie said...

Love this! Honest, funny, and thoughtful, with way cool art.