Thursday, November 14, 2013

Color Fields, C.A. - Gay Middle Eastern College Kids in California Search For Love

Color Fields, C.A. by Navid Sinaki

Two best friends. Two broken hearts. Opposite sides of the Golden State.

Nika and Vivi were always outcasts in Rancho Cucamonga, a suburban epicenter of swimming pools and strip malls where being gay and/or a minority made you a freak. Away at different colleges, Nika and Vivi send e-mails to close the distance with an ounce of whimsy and wit.

Here, four years of heartbreak and broken wishbones; the pressures of first-generation college kids; the bruises of alcoholism and abuse. Four years of slow-dancing alone, compulsive daydreams, and the occasional shared porn link.

From Nika's trip to Paris for a boy he hasn't met, to Vivi's failed relationship with a childhood friend turned druggie, the two find themselves returning to California where the cinematic blurs with the anticlimactic.

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