Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"Face Your Fears" - A Song By the Lesbian Couple and Duo Bria and Chrissy

I liked this a lot. You can listen here, or below,

"Face Your Fears" Lyrics

Verse- Life can be rough life can be short so fill this life time only with good times
you're no different you're not strange you are beautiful this way
time to clear your mind let go and join our kind
no more fear no more shame no more pain
Pre- Strength sweeps over
Chorus- Time to live, time to fly,
Time to face your fears.
Time to spark, time to shine,
Time to out your fears tonight.

Verse- Here we are times have changed people you know have something to say.
We're no different accept one way, we are brave enough to be okay.
Time to love your self you're sexier that way. No more hate no more shame it's your fate.

Pre- Strength sweeps over
Bridge- I'm finally singing proud so proud so proud. Feeling invincible, you feel it all around? you too?

Find out more about Bria and Chrissy here.


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