Saturday, December 14, 2013

Special Saturday Post: Toy Shopping, Gender-Neutral Style

I like this story!

The Swedish toy company Top-Toy (a licensee of the Toys “R” Us brand) was criticized in the past by the Swedish advertising regulatory agency "for depicting stereotypical scenes of girls with dollhouses and boys with weapons" - so this year the company's holiday catalog featured a different approach:

boys with beauty products, girls with guns...

boys and girls doing housework, and boys with fluffy pets...

I do notice that the boy's vacuum is blue and the girl's is pink above, but I'm happy to see a toy company making an effort to be more equitable in terms of which toys they're modeling is okay for which kids to play with.

It's a good season to toss gender stereotype considerations out the window and consider the personality of the giftee, instead.

Happy Holidays, Indeed!


My thanks to Karol for the heads-up on this!

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