Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Spirit Of Detroit - A College-Age sequel to "Drama Queers"

The Spirit of Detroit by Frank Anthony Polito

September 1992. Madonna’s SEX is poised to hit bookstore shelves, The Crying Game makes its cinematic debut in limited release, and George H.W. Bush will soon square off against William Jefferson Clinton in the battle to be elected leader of the Free World. After abandoning his dreams of becoming a famous actor, Bradley Dayton returns to his roots and enrolls as a Theatre major at Wayne State University in Detroit — a town known for its rich cultural history, as well as its gritty urban decay. But a new cast of characters begins to interfere with his education as these friends (and lovers) induct Bradley into their dark world of backstage drama. By semester’s end, he will have spent many a wild and sleepless Motor City night…and found his fair share of thrills along the way.

"The Spirit of Detroit" is the follow up to Frank’s Lambda award-winning Drama Queers, and was published by the author. Add your review of the book in comments!

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