Monday, December 16, 2013

Tom Daley, British Olympic Diver, Comes Out As Bisexual

Tom's online coming out video is worth watching!

Tom Daley won a bronze medal for the UK in the Olympic games in London in 2012. You can read more about him coming out here.

It's also interesting that he mentions he can count on one hand the number of people he'd told before making this video. In it's first day online (Dec 2, 2013) Tom's coming out video had well over 1.25 million views! (And as of today it's been seen over 10 million times!)

Hurray for Tom, and hurray for a world where one more athlete is authentic, making it that much easier for others to be themselves, too!


ps - my thanks to blog reader and author Hayden Thorne for the heads-up on Tom's story.

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Sarah Stevenson said...

I'm always really happy when athletes feel they can come out and be themselves--especially in our culture, athletes are such visible role models and media figures, and the more authentic they are able to be, the better it is for all of us.