Friday, January 17, 2014

A Marine Finally Gets The Apology - And the Honor - He Deserved, 58 Years After Being Kicked Out Of The Marines For Being Gay

This story by Frank Bruni in the NY Times, "One Marine's Dying Wish," is really moving, a reminder of the people behind the injustice, rights and the changing history of LGBTQ rights.

Hal Faulkner was 22 when he was discharged from the Marines after more than three years of proud service, because someone told his commanding officer he was gay.

Photos from the NY Times of Hal's days in the military

His discharge was called "“other than honorable” and those words - and that judgement - as Hal put it, "wrecked me."

Now that the law has changed and Gay, Lesbian and Bi people can serve openly in the US military, people previously discharged can appeal and have their discharges re-classified as "honorable."

Hal, dying of cancer, wanted that to happen before he died. And it did.

The photo in the NY Times of the ceremony where Hal's status was restored to an honorably discharged Marine

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