Thursday, February 20, 2014

Masha Gessen! Day 14 of Our Celebration of LGBTQ Russia - Not Just Yesterday, But Today! An Olympic Counter-Programming Event #OlympicShame #RussianPride #CheersToSochi

Masha Gessen

Photo of Masha by James Croucher found here.

Masha Gessen is not living in Russia right now, and so we're going to acknowledge, and celebrate, her being one brave woman. She's a journalist. An out lesbian. A mother. And Russian.

Last year Masha stood up and wrote about getting her family out of Russia, in this article in Slate, When Putin Declared War On Gay Families, It Was Time For Mine To Leave Russia.

Read it. It's brilliant.

And read her other work, a recent piece in the NY Times about banking while Russian, a book on Pussy Riot, Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot, and the book she co-edited with Joseph Huff-Hannon, Gay Propaganda: Russian Love Stories.

And celebrate Masha Gessen with me. Because there are so many other lesbians still in Russia that can't speak out and stand up. And because Lesbian Russia is something to celebrate!


Bonus video: Oscar-Nominated Actress Ellen Page speaks out and stands up, and comes out as a gay person, at HRC's recent Time To Thrive conference...

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