Thursday, March 20, 2014

Newsgirl - A Middle Grade Historical Where 12 Year Old Amelia (Who's Raised By Two Women) Poses As A Boy

Newsgirl by Liza Ketchum

It's the spring of 1851 and San Francisco is booming. Twelve-year-old Amelia Forrester has just arrived with her family (Amelia's being raised by two women: her mom and Estelle) and they are eager to make a new life in Phoenix City. But the mostly male town is not that hospitable to females and Amelia decides she'll earn more money as a boy. Cutting her hair and donning a cap, she joins a gang of newsboys, selling Eastern newspapers for a fortune. And that's just the beginning of her adventures. Participating in the biggest news stories of the day, Amelia is not a girl to let life pass her by - even and especially when it involves danger!

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Anne Ursu said...

The female friends at the end of Newsgirl turn out to be partners, and it's just lovely.