Thursday, March 6, 2014

One Foot Onto The Ice - A teacher, a ski instructor, and two 16-year-old lesbian students at a ski resort

One Foot Onto The Ice by Kiki Archer

Do you ever wonder how your old classmates remember you? Especially those who weren’t in your circle?

Susan Quinn, a teacher at St Wilfred’s All-Girls School, and Jenna James, a Club Ski instructor in the French Alps, are about to find out.

As an invisible bond draws the two women closer, will they appreciate each other for who they are now, not who they once were?

“One Foot Onto The Ice,” is a fast-paced romance set in the sunny ski resort of Morzine, where the young cast of students and teachers search for excitement on the slopes, with some finding it a lot more easily than others.

The story also features two lesbian 16 yr old school girls, Priggy Bunton-Chatsworth and Mischa.

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