Friday, April 18, 2014

Goblinheart - A Fairy Tale Picture Book About Not Fitting In (And Also A Very Supportive Transgender Allegory)

Goblinheart by Brett Axel, illustrated by Terra Bidlespacher

This book is the story of Julep, who has wings like the fairies do rather than claws, but who feels like a goblin on the inside and through some effort gains acceptance from the tribe as a goblin. 

Tellingly, the book contains no gender pronouns. As the author writes, "Its intention is to support gender equality in children." 

I really liked this picture book, and wish it had been read to me when I was a little kid.

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sebastian said...

I like the idea of this...

Very Challenging!!!

Please feel free to view my own children's book:

Anonymous said...

I would not have known about this book if not for this post. For that I am very thankful, it is exactly what I always wished there was: A book that helps non LGBT kids learn not to hate on and beat up kids that are. I bought it on Barnes and Noble and it arrived today. Absolutely fantastic. I sure wish every library used by elementary school children had a copy.